English Diary 2018


The last day this year. People call the day "Oomisoka" or "Ootsugomori" might be originated from "Tsuki gomori (The moon hiding)" which is the day for people to clean own body and heart, mind, or so at their houses to have a happy new year. Inyo Gogyo Shiso (Yin-Yang Wu-Xing Thought) and many religions might be related to Oomisoka and happy new year.

In Aizuwakamatsu city, it snows from January until March and it feels me like, "This usual season."

If thinking "This day is the last day of this year," what should I do. That is to say, it's not so easy for me to decide what to do at the last day of my life. It might be finished by the time to think about it, so I must think about how to finish my own life.

Small happiness. Daily life. Thankful. Ah, no, it might be not that all is usual because I am a refugee and God only knows the future of all worlds, but living now is greatly thankful and my wife is cooking and I am washing dishes and glad to taste such usual days by ourselves. Just living everyday under the amazing sky.

Thank you so much, all of my friends, hoping the world is peaceful soon.

Searching a sentence on Internet, it seems like what it's good to write, "Yoi otoshi wo omukae kudasai." when people express "Have a happy new year." or "Happy new year."

But my favorite phrase in the last days every year is "Yoi otoshi wo osugoshi kudasai." and it is used to express like "Have great last days this year (to have a great year)."

I am not fussy.

Also, recently TV says like, some people begin to quit sending new years greeting cards because it's not so easy to do it for all people at the same time TV says like, "What is a polite sentence for elder people in a company on the card?"

"Kinga shinnen (謹賀新年)" is the answer. Not "Geishun (迎春)" or "Akemashite omedetougozaimasu (あけましておめでとうございます)." Well, we might be people who try to quit soon.

There is 2 day this year yet.
Well, I continue to write my book.


Today's bible thought (in Japanese)

I am so sorry for Mr. Sasaki in Hamadori area in Fukushima. I have his books and you know José Ortega y Gasset, he is a translator of his famous book. We had the last eating out this year and went shopping for daily necessities and brought three 18 litters kerosene tanks to a gas station.

BTW, consumption tax rate is gonna be 10% in the near future, so people's desire to buy will not increase, recession. Sales of books have dropped off terribly comparatively with a peak period in Japan. On the other hand, population of children who have a squint eye are increasing and it might cause with a smartphone in a doctor's opinion, they wrote a paper and it's not only children, but mature people, too (NHK).

5000 teachers have a long rest because they have depressed ilness, school where is a sweatshop nowadays. Is it a political disaster, isn't it?The rate between nuclear families and living alone is reversed, so for example, 20% of living alone became 40% nowadays and 40% of nuclear families became 20% now. It's a political disaster, isn't it.

Some people don't feel like having own family. It was 49.3 dgrees in Australia two days ago. Well, it began to snow. Let's think about slip accidents. As the whole Aizu area, the amount of snowfall this year is relatively less than usual, but it is surely for the time being.

We probably had 2 times of much snow since we came here Aizuwakamatsu city, where is 100 kilo meters from Okuma town in Fukushima, though I really like all Fukushima, it's my lovely home, eating happily the old type of biscuits, keraan (delicious in Ainu language) and I feel there is surely my conciousness to learn an old philoshophy. Je pense, donc je suis. Inner peace.

tToday, my wife bought a piece of cake and was delicious. Aizu folklore study group's chief "Takizawa" san came to us and I talked a little with him, who had some vegetables. Mr. Takizawa writies about Akizuki who is from Aizu and historical person. Takizawa was detected what I learn Russian though I learn many, anyway, he saw only it. He asked me to make a poster to advertise his lecture at Fukushima museum next year. I did it immidiately by the computer. And then, I read and wrote a lot about Toraji Tsukamoto (He seems like  a biblical scholar. But, my schedule was not this action. I should have read and written my book. I must concentrate tomorrow.  This blog's title is like "Shadow of Bamboo."
https://yoshidatoraji.blogspot.com/ Soon, this year will end. Precious time. Ah, that's always!

It's snowy quietly. Healing. Today I have been reading a novel about a, what should I express, sue a court, law, judgement. Why creatures try to kill or do such action in the same species under the flag of own justice? Is it a survival competition? The law of the jungle? Surely, if nobody thinks twice about own rationality, fasism nation waits for people. I can only say that, it is the same human being to be able to make a world that can prevent it peacefully by talking or thinking.

Recently we saw a movie in the evening, which was called, "Minions." The moon landing conspiracy was played. This movie was like a caricature of human being. Every people usually have tried to have their king, but the kings have had so many troubles, for their actions. God only knows which is the king between a king and people sometimes. Anyway, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob were cute. Comical and funny. My recommendation. And I read a book by Toraji Tukamoto today.

Yamato you. America you. Uranda you. These words are used in Okinawa. "You" or "Yu" means, "era" as a governer each era. Uranda would mean a word, "Holland," but it means, "Western or the Occident." in this case. Also, there is a word, To you, which means, "Tou" in the Chinese continent as an old kingdom. In my opinion, these words express people in Ryukyu kingdom era are familiar with diplomacy, so Japanese government should learn from them.  I arranged books very well today, in which I put 8 boxes, also in our storage for the time being. I'm glad and relieved to see what my room is big, typing this diary. In other words, I might be turning up what should I do or what I want to do from now on. BTW, oden was very delicious (Очень вкусно!).  (In Ainu) Irankarapte (Hello). E=iwanke ya? Ku=iwanke wa. ("How are you?" and "I'm good.").Suy unukar=an ro (See you again). But I really like, here and there, this or that, a lot of culture.

Today it was sunny and we went a little long way to look around some places since our usual evacuee's difficulty let us to continue to think a lot, and visited our folklore study group chief's house to get a publisher's first proofreading for our writing, therefore, I might prefer to think about mathematics or so in order to relax now. Even if there is the answer for a quiz, you know, one answer is not all for life, what is not easy unless we feel hopeless.

Sleeting today, too. I arranged many books in my room to concentrate easily and then felt like learning others. Before sleeping, I remember to brush my teeth. I'm really glad that 100,000 people signatured to the Whitehouse to protect a part of the ocean of Henoko in Okinawa from a basement. Meanwhile, it's a problem of Japan that people in the overseas don't want to become a professional carer in Japan because treatment is less than for example in Canada, and language barrier. Japan's future is not bright. Also, we have a situation as evacuees. Eventually, cogito ergo sum, hoping a good sleep.

Sleeting outside. I walk about 5 km or 7 inside recently. A friend phoned me in the evening. He seems to be drunken very much recently (so I talked about being on the wagon, surely, it's up to him, free will). My writing about that is so so. It's not more than what I expect. Christmas season might let people to feel whether oneself is happy or not, facing one's own life since an environment sounds merry merry music etc. Well, what we're alive is a great gift.

Today is ending. I have no time to finish my writing perfectly by the deadline. I can't believe that this year has only two weeks. Around Decenber this year and January next year, I write for free for a part of my editing new book. Well, what I'm alive is just a great gift. To write is happy, but I wish I could have more time to finish it well since what I must read very much before that. Also, I wish I could save time by sleeping much. Mm.. it's super great to be published itself during recession and an age of no read. Very precious. Well well, eating a mikan, sleeping. Tomorrow is coming.

In this year it was the last lecture of leterature. Today's was Dazai Osamu. It seems that Tsugaru area has a great mountain called Iwakisan Mt. Aizu has a great one, Bandaisan Mt. Looking at it, we went back to our home in Aizu. That reminds me, Higakureyama Mt. in Okuma we climbed before 11th of Mar. in 2011. After action, people see anything good. It feels me that much time passed since we walked around aizu 33 kannon on Jun or so this year. Well, reading a lot of books from oversea, though in Japanese yet.

Got up at 9 a.m. In the daytime, it was fun to have a small party with staffs at our private library, Fukushima hon no mori. We're so happy to see everyone's smiles and make friends with them. It was delicious to eat a cake, oden, coffee, and sweetpotato, all are cooked by friends. And I'll read a book until I sleep because my health becomes amazing recently(* My health was no good around more than 2 years ago you know), and if I can, writing about usual one. BTW, I wanted to eat ramen with everyone, but next year. Going back to my house, my friend's new book arrived here. I've been reading his writing since when he wrote on a magazine and I have a lot of things that I want to hear from him.

I walked 10km and slept after maintenance of an exercising machine. Went shopping and cleaned the bathroom etc. and saw a comedy Channel, itte Q. I thougt I wanted to swim in the ocean or lake again.

From today, 0 - 3°C, and so on, so I had a holiday to walk outside yesterday. It snowed a little in AIzuwakamatu right now. I cleaned my house today. I walked outside since July this year and inside until Jun. I'm going to walk in the room from now on. I must use a machine not to break it down, letting it to rest. I wish I could see the sky without the roof.

I got up at 9:00 a.m. It's 3-9℃ today and rainy a little in the evening. I walked 20 km. Cold and hot, wearing thick clothes with a pocket stove (hokkairo). It was challenging to live with a space suit. It might be close to an end to walk outside in this year soon since it might snow. I studied modern Hebrew, lesson 6. Also, I read Western books everyday recently. Taking the bathtub was amazing and oden was super great.

I got up at 9:00 a.m. It's 3-9℃ today and rainy a little in the evening. I walked 20 km. Cold and hot, wearing thick clothes with a pocket stove (hokkairo). It was challenging to live with a space suit. It might be close to an end to walk outside in this year soon since it might snow. I studied modern Hebrew, lesson 6. Also, I read Western books everyday recently. Taking the bathtub was amazing and oden was super great. Today's music : Oasis - The Masterplan.

It was windy and very cold, and my left knee had a pain because my temporal shoes for climbing was heavy instead of my usual shoes to walk, so I finished today's walking until 10 km and fixed my usual ones and bought the same ones since it'd be inevitable someday. Also, I put gasoline in my car. Reading and learning languages are going well and I want to continue to write. Sweetpotato's cake my wife cook is very delicious. Modern Hebrew is lesson 5.

I've been reading books a lot recently because I must write. This takes a long time. However I decide to continue to walk long outside after all since I will really feel better to finish doing it. I studied modern Hebrew a little after all, too. Lesson 5. I can make it. Glad to be as is usual. Everything will be alright.

God up at 8:30 a.m. so I was glad to see the clock hands. I just studied English a little today and will write a part of a new book right now. Seeing some posts which have a kind of a backlash of intolerance on SNS, I often think like, "This is intolerance. There's not a perfect man because it'd be not a man, if so. But, I can't tell about others because I do the same of my thought sometimes."

I have been reappointed to the chief editor of a book to sell nationwide from a publish company in the near future. But this time, I don't have almost no time comparatively with the last time, so I don't have a lot of editing area, and I think I'm going to have a lot of weight in my writer's business, but there's one thing that I've been able to organize as an edit, so thank you to everyone in the plan. Anyway, not only the book, but also our magazine, about WELTGEIST FUKUSHIMA, I always thank you, the readers for your time and patience. About a new book,  I would like to take this opportunity. Come rain or shine I will do my upmost best.

Just walked 5 km today for writing at other times, so wrote a lot fortunately. I'm now on the wagon and quit smoking already and I'm really stronger than before walking long everyday. I'm not tired. I might be enough energy than 20 years old people. But let's sleep early. I can't say anything good during just writing on the way and it'd be no way to see "perfect finish." I miss Hebrew. לילה טוב. (laila tov. Good night.)

Today's air is very chilly. The winter is around the corner. I walked 20 km, studied English a little, editting, writing, and modern Hebrew of lesson 5. So, I'd like to say to myself, "Well done." That's why, I'm now eating sweets AT NIGHT because I have a sweet tooth. Hehe. Of course I must brush my teeth before going to bed. (Thank you for telling me about my English mistakes. Anytime I'll be thankful to hear that.)

I felt no good today, but it was delicious to eat fried rice and now having a lemon ginger tea. Walked 10 km. It's rainy now, at night, resting. Learning lesson four of an abc book of modern Hebrew. There were thought many small rules of grammar. Yesterday I wrote like Jesus lived one time and it meant about physical him, so he revived as a spiritual existence. Meanwhile, Buddha was no interested in the both of real and spiritual worlds. However, Mose, Jesus, and Buddha really were sad and left so many words at this world. It happens that I as an ordinary person think too much.

I had a holiday today, so didn't do anything productive except for learning a little. Rooibos tea is delicious. At a field of grapes people get the same salary in spite of how many hours each working. It means like all people has the same value as a life. Surely, David, Jesus, and Buddha in the real world lived one time.

The Apple I received from my friend is delicious. I walked 20 km today, too! My strength is very good. I learned modern Hebrew lesson 2, and I made a draft on my magazine. Time flies. Sleeping. Nevertheless, I wonder what the world will be like, related to the Global walming. What we can do. I'm optimistic.

It was cold, but the sky was beautiful. Walked 20 km. Very tired. I feel better. Learned modern Hebrew, mainly pronunciation and lesson 1. It's not so easy to learn a modern Hebrew basic textbook. Mabodofu was delicious. I went shopping to the supermarket, making much salad at home. I disposed a big garbage, rockin' chair, tonight. This is a good song. Wondering where should I live in the near future.

I learn French. Tea of ginger lemon. This was very good. I walked 20km today and yesterday. I read a textbook one time since restarting, so today read the latter half of it because I need to learn it more. I read about folklore, which is related to old stories of the ocean or so. My ancestor was on the ocean. I prefer walking on the ground. On the ocean is very hard to live. Delicious, "Claude Blanchet" which is called, "La France" in Japan. BTW, TV says, "Japan World Exposition, Osaka 2025." I'm not so interested in it, but I hope people see a movie, which is called, "Taiyo no tou (Sun tower)" because there is seen my friend on it.

Yesterday I took a break from walking everyday and slept very well almost all day long. Then I got up at 10:00 a.m. today and bought a TV booster device and walked 10 km at night, but it was too cold to walk 20 km. 4 degrees. I needed another pair of trousers to wear layers and to wrap a muffler around my head. Or it'd be fine to do in the daytime. It might be ending to walk long ouside at night. I got a new work to write. It seems to be true, "Rome was not built in a day."

Walked just 10km to rest than usual. It's chilly. Wrote a manuscript. Finished reading a folklore book. Read a new book of folklore. Learned logic. The lowest temperature is 3℃ here. Recently I've been a night bird, so I'm going to bed to sleep early, seeing a TV channel oversea. TV news said it was snowy in Hokkaido. Make yourself cozy. Good night.

It was windy and was drizzling and cold, but I achieved walking 20 km. Temperature has been from 9 to 10°C on average. Today I learned folklore, French, and logic. I'm exersising more today, too. We went eating katsudon and the restaurant offered free fruits, persimmon and bananas. It was delicious to eat oden in the evening. Well, I know every family has their own pain, trouble or tiresome, but you know, well, let's survive. Precious life.

It might be not worth mentioning specially, but keep up writing a diary in English. I walked 20km today, too. And folklore, French, and logic and English a little. And then, I enjoyed seeing an overseas' TV channel.
There'd be the same reality after young people escape from the reality. It'd be one end of an stage in life, which is called, "Young." And then, SNS will repeat almost the same process, regeneration. I want to remember having a hope.

I walked 20 kilo meters. I learned French, Constitutions, and Folklore and the Logic. It's cold outside. I ate pizza and biscuits which are cooked by my wife. I thought a lot today, too. Everything is in a state of flux. AUT DISCE AUT DISCEDE.

I walked 20km in the daytime today. Writing and reading also step by step. I learned folklore and future tense in French today. Every little helps. Then my next life will turn up itself.

I felt better that my car got back to my home from a legal inspection every two years, asking for an estimate to buy a new and reasonable navigation to put a car and I decided it. The car inspection took 160000JPY. They offer polite service for the customers. Today I got up late, but I walked 20km outside in the evening and night. Learning constitution and French, hoping to do folklore, too. English, I learn little by little everyday. We went eating ramen at our area. Here is the SNS where I like (Voici le SNS où j'aime bien).

Time flies like an arrow. November. I got up at 10 a.m. (Je me lève à dix heure.) and slept a lot. It's been cold in the evening and early morning. I began to write my magazine again. I have no time to slowly write it. My harvest this year is not so much than I thought. I need to be strict with myself. I change my how to write.

I came to Aizu by chance, and I think I've met so many good comrades around this prefecture. 3 11, as my friend said, it's just starting. And I'm always going to enjoy learning as usual. Thankfully I am alive.

I keep up walking 10-20 km everyday all this year. Je me promène chaque matin. I'd like to walk 10 km again today. Recently I walk in the afternoon or evening though I want to do early morning. Until next spring, I want to walk more than 4000 km in total. It's chilly.

I see the mountain. Je vois la montagne. Ich sehe den Berg. Я вижу гору (vizhu goru).

I walked 20km and used a exercising machine. There was seen a tree at the foot of mountain Odayama under the blue sky.

I got up at 8 a.m. I had errands to do today and finished all with my wife, eating sushi. Bought kotatsu and so on.

I got up at 7 a.m. My family put our car into a car shop garage to let it to get a legal car inspection, so now we use a replacement (Its car is called, "Daisha"). My family had used the car shop, so do I now. I plan my car will have a new navigation system because it was a trouble to drive some new roads in Tochigi. People from Aizu area and Hama area in Fukushima prefecture work there. And then, a carrier brought a new exercise machine, which has an explanation in German, perhaps it might be often used people in Germany.

Yesterday I ate boiled young bandai bamboo at an old aizu restaurant Mugitoro, which was harvested by the head chef (at bandai mountain). And basashi (a good part of horse-meat-sashimi because of in Aizu) and nishin-no-sanshouduke (Pickled Dried Herring with Leaves of Japanese pepper) and was nemagaridake. And it'd been a while to see friends (about 2~3 years). The picture when I was walking yesterday and the center was bandaisan mountain (though "san" means you know "mountain"). It was also fun when coming Mugitoro recently. Well, I'm getting down to work.

I got up at 8 a.m.(Je me suis levé à huit heures). I ate a small rounded bread made of rye flour and whole wheat. Made a salad and cooked miso soup including small fish. Vegetables were spinach, cabbage, sunny lettuce, carrot, mini tomato, radish. And then, my recent creative tasks are coming new, but I'll concentrate to exercise a lot first, feeling better (Je fais le ménage et la cuisine).

November 1st (in Japanese, there is an old name of November called,  "Shimotsuki," and today is 1st). All my plans last month are all over. Now new ones are working. How was your "this year"? I feel I understand why this day is the first of the year for ancient Celtic. But there are two months yet nowadays. These two months are left goodness of modern people even if all over the world are close to the end of the world metaphorically. Such things... I just thought for fun or a joke. I was active with an artist from the US and tourist from France and photographor from Fukushima at around the last month' end. Well, I am going, "Je fais une salade."

Easy cooking is fun. I'll go shopping a bigger bowl for more salad. I'm glad to see my special person' smile (surely my wife). I'm getting better at slicing a cabbage with a slicer. Pleasant. Ipe ipe, mina mina, rimse rimse, kamuinomi...... (Ainu language: eat eat, laugh laugh, dance dance, and pray to God). Like the world. By the way, Facebook has yet to fix their system, so it seems to be impossible to correct sentences as a second post to express my daily life in the second language per main post to do in the first language. Although I'd like to write in a lot of languages, I have no idea what is going to happen be worried about the future there. Because nobody can correct sentences, we must think before posting easily in many languages. By the way, my friend gave an ebiten to me. Thankful.

It's quite autumn, isn't it? The other day, our magazine "Weltgeist Fukushima" held a meeting at a coffee shop in Shinjuku, where is called, "Ramble" in Japanese Hiragana letters, ra n bu ru. It was fun. And I was impressed with Friends' marriage party and was happy to talk with many old friends. Then speaking of my leaning progress, this year I do a little bit of French, while learning folklore, Latin, Russian, Greek, and learning German a lot to enjoy my life. I really hope to do also Hebrew and Arabic etc more. I went shopping vegetables this morning and cooked miso soup and a lot of salad. The cold season begins, but please take care of yourself, everyone. Sincerely Yours

It seems that tobacco's price will continue to be up. I'd been smoking for 21 years, but it's been 3 months since when I stopped on Okinawa Memorial Day to pray for victims in WW2. Probably after my evacuation, this action is the best or 2nd as the same as stopping drinking. So, I don't pay those prices at all. Ha ha ha. In the US, Hawaii, tobacco price is very high, my memory says so, the same as about 900 JPY. Anyway, tobacco is not general people's nowadays. Hence, we don't have to pay the tax not to smoke them at all.

20180930 (146th)
I got up at 9 a.m. Nagatsuki is coming to the end and Kannazuki will come. When I focus on my manuscript, I'd like to take care of my late sleep, but the new or old ones were just finished to write. The style of writing remains at that time. It'd be better. It's said that there are no gods on the next month since they visit Izumo then. But I think there are because it's a story in the same island. From today, I concentrate to learn constitutions, folklore, philosophy, languages, and write new ones. I'd like to brush up my English ability, so writing a diary in English again. I read a little, "Allgemeine Staatslehre" by G Jellinek. This third version's preface was seemed to me written by his son. Because there is a sentence, "When my father passed away," And then, I read a photo book, which is called, "Suho and the White horse." One says like it might be not a Mongolian folklore. I heard a rock band, which is called, "Powderfinger." And about this topic, really difficult, but for the time being, people might eat it too much ('Radical vegans' strike fear into French butchers AFPB 28th of Sep., 2018)(Japanese Ver.).

Got up at  8. It's too late comparatively with my usual days, but I quit smoking already 3 months ago, so my concentration ability has been skyrocketing. Having a small sweet potato and seeing rains, I have a cup of tea. Well, I think whether walking outside or inside today. I saw two movies on FB, a cow enjoyed a ball with a woman, and, a case about stolen Ainu's remains by universities and the government. One of such universities, Hokkaido university returned them.

7th. Got up at 6:00. A little chilly. Eating a donut. Well, walking outside now. It was rainy on the way home.

6th of Sep., got up 6:30, writing a post of that topic and surely walking as is always with me.

I slept for 10 hours last night. By the way, I went to Fukushima museum and found a Japanese sword, which is called, "Kanesada(兼定)" and which a bushi of Byakkotai group had during boshin war. So, I googled its katana and many same pictures of anime's man who is called, Kanesada since there is an online game which is called, "Toukenranbu(刀剣乱舞)" made recently and seems to be popular. "Online game" let some people to have a not good idea, but it has a function to connect people each other. We have to take the fact as it is.

It was successful to refrain from being on the Internet for 5 days. I will post a diary on Facebook irregularly, not every morning, from August. I continue to write it on a real memo. Well, my journey on life, it goes on. I had my hair cut. About multi lingual post, it's step by step.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. Yesterday I walked 7 km with a walking machine. And then, I walked 10 km outside in this morning. It was not 20 but it's fine because of having a pain in my left leg. Well, step by step. Learning Greek.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. I donated a little to the floods disaster in the Western Japan the day before yesterday. I'm wondering whether I walk today or not because of having muscle pain in the left calf. It might be better to use a walking machine this time or rest all day long. I cleaned the floor, porch, kitchen, folded the laundry. Then, learning Greek words. It seems that it's early for me to write in languages except for English.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. I'd like to do earlier. I saw the sunrise today but I didn't have a camera. 

I always get up early. I like reading. I like walking. 20km. (I wrote these sentences in German. Also, I walk 20 km until 9:30 a.m. in these days. I really would like to write the same in other languages too. It still takes a time.)

I got up at 5:30 a.m. Yesterday I cleaned the floor and took a walk. It was humid.

I got up at 6 a.m. I ate mabodofu this morning. Yesterday I went to Fukushima museum and saw Japanese swords.

I got up at 5 a.m. Yesterday I spent the entire day sleeping well. I'm all right now, making and having coffee.

I got up at 7 a.m. Slept well. I'm getting well since when I was sick the day before yesterday. Yesterday I walked 20km and trained abdominal muscles a lot. It's hot today too. I'm worried about victims of floods disaster in Western Japan, but I guess the government will do almost nothing than what people expect them. It's not only volunteer but also democracy.

I got up at 6 a.m. It's humid. Yesterday I temporarily had a cooling disorder, so I went to bed for 4 hours in the daytime. I forgot that I must avoid use an air conditioner too much. Also, it was not good to see a drama of a real criminal case on TV since my study at Uni was criminal law.

However I should not learn it deeply for a moment. It seems to me it's very good for me to see a picture book and think philosophically or Shearlock Hormes' dramas. Later, Jun Nakasuji visited ours, who is a friend and professional photographer and editor, who told me how to field work on 2015 and 2016.

We went to a friend's bar. I had a tomato juice and ate delicious dish, hearing friends' talks, being calm and relaxed than the period when I had drunken much before and was busy to do it and smoked in those days. Nowadays I have been really in a free and comfortable and tranquil, It's like my life begins anew.

Hearing friends' talks let me to be happy as is usual, hoping their happiness. It was a great time to hear a farmer of traditional vegetables in Aizu, which they have the rights of seeds, never a big company' F1 or so. We feel ancestors's great works.

Aizu has the oldest book of it. From the viewpoint of Folklore, it's very important. Anyway, I will enjoy today almost without an air conditioner.

By the way, I walk everyday long, but after 2000 km last year, I often use a walking machine. I'm familiar with my physical sense, so I can calculate kilo meters to walk with a simple machine.

It's safer and easily inside, but it's very happy to see scenery outside.

Already the date reaches a double figures in July. Well, when in summer, the Diet sold our public water system and the cabinet and some medias showed execution at the same time meanwhile floods disaster happened here and there in Western Japan. It lets me think a lot and heartrending. I really hope survivors are getting stronger.
I got up at 5 a.m. I learn a lot everyday as the principal of my private school or a writer. By the way, I finally got a new washing machine! Glad to see it! I thought I might quit it already, but I bought one again, surely, some people think it's OK to return the era when there is nothing it, but... this "but" means economical extra. If there was nothing, it could be not so easy to express culture as a matter of fact. Its topic will have a reality, if people are getting older day by day. Two sparrows are playing at our garden.

Good weather. I woke up at 6:30. Yesterday there was a disaster you know, and I couldn't reduce the time to use Internet to be worried, but it might be one step ahead with what I wrote it in an article. Today's diary is 533 rd in Japanese and 130 th in English. How many did people give up writing a diary for this period I write. The same about a writer. It happens.

I got up at 5 a.m. I got extra hours of sleep last night. What I try the next is not to use Internet so much. I got much news on Internet, but at the same time absorbed in it. Japanense Internet environmental is too good to rest. It reminds me what I don't feel like doing it at all when I was evacuated at first.

Diary. It's for a year and a half since I've achieved a lot of things. I was wondering how about what to do the next. It occured to me that a new life policy, which I named, "Tanabata Triangle." because I thought it graphically with an inscribed circle and triangle as a kind of metaphor of truth or space. This is a simple illustration expresses my rich experience of practice.

20180706 (127th)
I got up at 5 a.m. My washing machine was broken yesterday, so we couldn't help going to a coin laundry. And then we went shopping new one at an electronics retail store and chose which was a comparatively reasonable price was about 30,000 JPY. Sales clerks were kind. If I put it on the floor (not in a humid place), I could continue to use it longer. However, it's inevitable because my temporal house is not so big. I think some old Japanese apartments don't have a structure to use a washing machine for a long time. When I think about my house, it lets me think a lot. There is a long way to go and what is there ahead? Probably, there is one in the heaven. I walked 22 km yesterday.

I achieved perfectly non-smoking for 2 weeks. I walked 835 km this year from April. Even if I get frustrated, it's Okay not to smoke a pipe tobacco, just breathing fresh air makes me relaxed. No withdrawal symptoms now. There might be a fact that some people have a normalcy bias; "It's still okay to smoke." "Nobody has COPD around myself." "I really do exercise a lot." It'd be true in a sense, but it might be not true in another sense. Anyway, thank you so much for encouraging me, everyone!

The 13th day of non-smoking. I got up at 4 a.m. It was delicious to have maccha soba. I keep up cleaning my house and limbering and loosen myself up. Non-smoking days will be for 2 weeks tomorrow. I don't feel withdrawal symptoms at all. I got so long time to live to put away tobacco, so I'd like to use my time in life effectively. I walked 15 km and I get well early in some sense, so it might be the time to say, "I am one of non-smokers." The quality of my time changed.

The 12th of non-smoking. I got up at 5:00 a.m. I'm pretty good not to smoke a tobacco without withdrawal symptoms. It's just an illusion that tobaco is delicious. It might be so only for a moment to mis-understand a tobacco. Even now I can't believe in my non-smoking. I was a real smoker. People can change anytime. There are two kinds of people to be or not to be. Yesterday I walked 15km. I limber myself up. I read Heart Sutra aloud several times to memorise it. Almost finished. It was 33 degrees in the daytime. Air conditioner is useful. I clean a small pottery as a place to burn incense every morning. I weeded a little in the garden. If a very big garden, we must think about agricultural chemical. It might be impossible never to use it in that case. It'd be very good to learn it very well before anti-. in order to think together. If not so, some people start to be tired. Well, we know here and there. That's why I don't care about number of likes on every articles on Internet, not SNS. There might be 100,000,000 people on Internet, but it's not a world. There are many small worlds such as a little island.

The 11th of non-smoking. I got up at 5:00 a.m. We went to a family restaurant to eat breakfast, but we wouldn't go there anymore. Non healthy. We just enjoyed a new place for us. I recently enjoy a delicous flavor since when I've been on the wagon, especially, zen and incense, and yesterday the tea which I had there reminded me delicious smells of teas. Flesh, fragrance, flowery, lemon, sweet, rich scent. I don't choose a set of coffee & tobacco anymore because it might be delicious for a moment, but easily lets me to get sick. Just coffee would be good. And then it crosses my mind it's very good to limber myself up always, reading an English dictionary, loosening myself up with gymnastics, mobilizing joints.

The 10th day of non-smoking. I got up at 4:00 a.m. Yesterday I aired two futons to see the beautiful weather during half a day. If it's the same weather today, I'll do remaining futons. I ate many ice creams contain too much sugar, so I'd like to make a shave ice by myself. Walked 10 km.

The 9th day of non-smoking. I got up at 4:00 a.m. and learned English directly. The maximum temperature yesterday was 33 degrees in Aizu where is a basin. I walked 15 km and was standing for 2 hours for exercise. After I got my business finished as fast as I could, I read a lot of articles on Internet for 5 hours, removing fatigue with a hot towel because the computer is machinery but I have a living body made of flesh and blood, "I'm not made of steel." I'm forgetting "Тише едешь, дальше будешь." (The more silent, the further ≒ Make haste slowly). Azuki ice is delicious. It's been very hot recently. Take care of yourself.

20180629 (120th)
The 8th day of non-smoking. I got up at 5:30 a.m. Sometimes withdrawal symptoms come to me a little, but my rational thought says, there's no ground for fear to throw away its feeling since everything is in the state of flux. I am breathing deeply and more easily now. Almost not writing it, I often massage on wife's back. It's one of productive actions in life. I walked 10 km yesterday. BTW, unfortunately we quit PHS mobile phones and contracted two mobile phones because use of personal PHS is going to be finished in Japan on 2020. I used it for a long time. It brings me back good old memories. It's helpful to keep the same phone number these days.. Rudimental's theese days is also good (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjTj-_55WZ8). Recently it has been rainy but it'll be very hot and humid today. Have a nice day.

The 7th day of non-smoking. It's a miracle. I got up at 3:30 a.m. I walked 25 km the day before yesterday, and I walked 20 km yesterday, and I'm pretty good even if I only slept for 5 hours this morning. It's been going to be great. I can't believe in it 2 years ago. High quality bread is delicious. It is more important to be flexible than training muscle. I advance learning languages, but I don't write a magazine made by paper recently. It's reasonable not to write without knowledge. I am so pretty good that I can't help training abdominal muscles.

Diary 118 th in English
Good morning.

The 6th day of non-smoking. I got up at 5:30 a.m. Of course, it will save me so much and many things; health, money, and time. Some smokers forget deeply thinking their time to smoke. It's too long to achieve anything great.

However I remember "Smokers, who love cigarrets, manners and peaceful world." Life is to choose. My life and performance will dramatically change, seeing smiles from my family and friends.

Thinking about my physical sensation, blood system becomes soft, brain and nervous system are more stable, staying calmer than before, not feeling dizzy, so it might reduce a panic attack (Trauma, nuclear power plant accident gives pain or trouble to me since 2011, Fukushima),

removing a wall in the heart and creating a naked mind like a savage mind (Lévi-Strauss) facing my own life, Namely, I choose a low entropy style by my arrangement. Bricolage.

Yesterday I bought dried fruits and walnuts at a supermarket. It's  a Maui's taste for me. I must think about how I get the same food without fake vegetable oil as much as I can. Silk Road raisin is also delicious, made in Uighur.

Of course, daily dish by my wife is always so delicious. It's not needless to say. It's worthy of praise. Then, I walked 25 km yesterday. I write a memo of km everyday but don't write here everyday.

It's the fifth day of non-smoking today. I'm excited a little and really happy to face this day. I got up at 6 a.m. I am getting a miracle harvest to quit a tobacco. Nicotine was perfectly removed from my body. I'm turning my smoking habit to burning incense habit. Some people might think it is an alternative therapy. It'd be true in some sense. I additionally think, I choose a culture anew.

Therapy is a kind of healing, but culture is more positive. It's the difference of how to think between "alternative therapy" and "culture." I put away on my desk and began to write a set of German word cards. No-smoking life reminds me Maui because it's prohibited usually in the house. Also, it reminds me daily until when I was in autumn in the first year at high school. My facebook account's name is Time Machine Requiem. It'll be hot today in many ways.

The 4th day of non-smoking. I got up at five. The brain, the nerves, and the blood system, I feeling a clear change especially during sleeping. As is usual with me it's my adventure. There might be many ghosts of withdrawal symptom ("Why don't you smoke a delicious pipe? If you don't, it's not a life, forget 'sick' or you don't have to quit it now, or so"), but my willpower and psychokinesis will take victory. I must overcome myself. Nicotine inside my body will be removed 100% soon. I enjoy burning incense and zen meditation. It's fun. I am doing what I like. Watching a stone statue is also fun.

Good morning. It's on the 3rd day after I quit a pipe tobacco. I'm hearing a singing bowl, burning incense. Yesterday we, a curator in the museum, my wife, and I, mainly went hearing folklore about Aizu 33 kannon from a teacher who is 93 years old. We heard what they wanted to speak. In Aizubange machi. Thankful.

Good morning. It's on the 2nd day after I quit a pipe tobacco. I got up at 4:30 a.m. hearing sounds of a singing bowl and burning incense on and off, zen meditation. I convinced myself of growing up. The zen meditation (no-tobacco) will come to the most important stage today. (अचलनाथ [acalanātha]). namaḥ samanta vajrāṇāṃ caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa sphoṭaya hūṃ traṭ hāṃ māṃ.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. Yesterday I walked 13 km. This year I've walked 600 km, so the average of walking everyday is about 7 km. I'm frustrated that I could do more. I hope 10 at least. Well, I'm writing a diary in English first.  I like rock music not excepting ambient, power pop, and hip-hop. Especially, lyrics, I like. I'm listening to Japanese hip hop now.

I had smoked ones from Denmark, France, and the US enough, with a pipe of TSUGE. These were so delicious. Thank them. I'm stopping smoking tobacco right now at 12:30 brushing my teeth, burning incense made in Taiwan with a box of it made in Indonesia and a small holder, unglazed earthenware, which I made.

I quit a tobacco this time because I'd like to read a lot of books. This match, what are the odds? 0 victtories and 100 defeats ever. My new life stars now. This is not "No smoke" because I will burn incense, breathing fresh air.

I will have a persian pipe without tobaco to protect me from withdrawal symptoms in some days. Zen meditation will be good. I'm a healthy person, so don't need to ruin my health by myself.

Good morning. I got up at 4:30 a.m. I think when I stop smoking a pipe. I've been overcoming many obstacles in life ever since last year. An English teacher, who was in the US and is a friend of a first lady in the US, said to me like, you are genius of making an effort, when I was a student. I'd like to see him again someday. A great scholar said to me so also recently.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. I'm listening to a rock band, THE BIRTHDAY now. Time flows and let people flow. But so what. That's the way it is.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. Getting very well, so I'd like to walk long today, hearing B'z, Blankey Jet City, or To Overflow Evidence. Learning English.

Good morning. I got up at 5:30 a.m. Finally my neck got well. For 3 days I was sick and tired of its pain. Yesterday a friend from Kyoto came to me. Early summer is coming. I often weed the garden. I clean the floor. I throw away garbage. I read a book to learn a common mistake about English. I think almost Japanese people in Japan don't learn usage, nuance, or so but for grammar and vocabulary. I think, no one knows why "don't," not "do not," even if high school students are A1 and almost students of University. So to speak, we must remember the other understands our English, the one is kind. I must feel shame if I detect making a mistake. There is a long way to go. Anyway, I'm pretty good now.

I got up at 2 a.m. because of sleeping very early. I'm having a slice of bread baked by my wife, who is health conscious. Yesterday I mainly learned modern Greek after doing classical Greek phonology of Charles. About English, I've been expanding my vocabulary everyday since this year, so I don't especially write a diary about it. I want to pass Eiken Grade pre 1. Finished reading a book, which is called, "Royal English Grammer. " I feel my learning is endless. However since when one gives up to live productive, the one should choose one way which is servile, abject, and menial, or not. I put and cleaned things of a shelf right at kitchen. My warehouse in Okuma is big and empty nowadays to throw away tools of agriculture, but I put a too big carrycase to use daily, which I used it when I visited Mauii and did homestay with a host family in those days, so it let me feel special. Now my storage in Aizu is bigger.

Good morning. I slept very much, getting up at 4:30 a.m. I slept wrong on my neck. Primarily learning classical Greek and English today. I usually learn modern Greek though it's needed to learn philosophy.

I got up at 6 a.m. My left eye is getting well. Learning languages. Almost no twitching. Honda Keisuke on soccer seems to donate the disaster on 2011, and Kumamoto, Italy on 2016, and Mexico on 2017, who has 69 teams in Japan and is an owner of some teams in the world, especially, one of them is in Uganda, and running a team in Cambodia and who is 31 years old. His parents divorced when he was a child from Osaka.

I got up at 5 a.m. I'm walking after resting well today too. King Kazu on soccer has a record of guiness and is the oldest player in the world, 51 years old. Ichiro is 44 years old.

I got up at 5 a.m. Yesterday I drove for 7 hours, so today I am putting a hot towel on my face now. Very good. Of course I have always nutrition balanced food. Additionally, I should take a break every hour. To happily live long with everyone in the world.

I got up at 4:30. My left eyelid is getting well, wearing glasses. I eat a little these two days, but I'm pretty good.

I got up at 6:30 a.m. I ordered a pair of glasses to protect my eyes from blue light 74% and UV 99% and did a film for 24 inch monitor to cut a half of blue light. My left eyelid is still twitching light on and off, so I close my left one, but it let me think a lot. I bought two pairs of glasses to protect my eyes from only UV 99% at a 100 yen shop, because I want to wear it outside too. I'd like to drive and read when I was very old. Everyone, you should, too, friends, if you use PC or are outside often.

I got up at 6 a.m. I bought a comb because I'd like to try to wash my hair without shampoo. Fixed bycecle and my strenghthen leg are very good. But my left under eyelid is twitching light, so I need to take a break more.

20180609 (100th)
I got up at 4:30. I talked with a neighbor and gave her a little vegetables from kitchen garden. She is mature and probably don't use Internet, but know a standard to live contaminated area, 0.3 mSV/h etc. She said like, "That's too bad (about my experience). Cheer up!" I'm glad to hear that. She came here to be married from around the capital. I'm learning about Russia, America, and WW2 Before During After today, too.

Good morning. I must convey, the government thinks, Nankai Trough earthquake and Tokyo earthquake both might happen within 30 years. Nankai means, South ocean. Rich people might already escape. Japan might finish, if something happens. Well, almost everyone would think no way. I'm airing futon, eating vegetables, spam meat, and hearing Chet Baker.

I got upat 4 a.m. Cloudy. I'm relieved to keep up early hours. My laptop is still working at minimum programs. I hope to get a normal desktop made in Taiwan, which I ordered. I was wondering how many people use "made in Japan" about electronic. It might be declining. I supporse that others use i-phone, mac, or microsoft inside, not Ichitaro like a word. For example, outsourcing system can reverse the relationship between the head office and branches in all ages. It'd be a cycle.

I got up at 5:30. It's coming rainy season. I dreamt in this morning, I drove supercar like a pajero brilliant coloring. Before it, I climbed a big athletick made by bamboo. A website says, both are a symbol of life energy, at the same time, mean I might buy anything on impulse. Yes, I now want something to eat, but I stop going to a convenient store and I'm cooking.

"I got up at 5 in the morning. It's sunny today. I brush my teeth. I bought a Russian dictionary. I eat banana. I drink water. I cleaned the floor and storage room yesterday. I walk. " I now wrote so in Russian at this same post. My diary memo is 25 th from today. I walked 500 km this year.

I got up at 5 a.m. Learning Russian ABC book is lesson 18. It'll be about 1 week. I wrote "It's sunny. I got up at 5 in the morning.(Сегодня хорошая погода. Я встаю в пять утра.)" in Russian. An artist in France said, "The word is life.(Les mots c'est la vie.)" I ate curry and rice and vegetables from my kitchen garden. Reading Jephtha on Books of Judges in the afternoon, a braver Jephtha made a bad vow and won although he lost his daughter. The words are life. It's been recently warm. It's easy to tired when the seasons are changing and we might see a small daydream like a novel of Camus. Even if the society is going bad, I walk and feel good. Good night.

I slept late, but got up early at 5 a.m. I'd recently not walked so long, but yesterday walked 20 km. It'll be sunny and hot today. NHK reported a writer Dan Brown's word, who came to and lectured in Japan, like, "Scientists must learn ethics and moral." That's true. -- It was actually hot in the daytime and like in a dream as one's life.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. The forecast says it'll be sunny and hot today. A sparrow often visits my house. Yesterday I took a break and learned about Russia itself. Then, I went to a private library, "Fukushima Book Forest (Fukushima Hon No Mori)" and I borrowed 10 books and returned 5 books to there. I greeted a new worker and swept the floor. A staff made a log bench. Cool. By the way, NHK says that recently some people begin to hope a public cemetery, in which people with no surviving relatives are buried. So to speak, they can't afford to support their temple and don't have their every private one. I think, the politic influences them. Economical gap. It resembles a cemetery circumstances in Okinawa. Buonissimo Pizza.

Equal pay for equal value of work, but labor law is going bad by the govern. The plaintiff won, but he was anger and screwed up the paper after showing. Link.

Good weather. It was too good and I payed to a cash register in shopping and left the goods. "Sir~." "?" It's too early.

A friend told me, "Salute is what people do in the army,so you can use the word greet or Introduce.I greeted the new worker or I introduced myself......" about "saluted a new worker."

It's chilly. I got up at 4. I learned Russian pronunciation all lessons of 1 Russian ABC book. The next is to learn from lesson 12 about grammar or so. I learn slowly, but it'd be slower before than now. It's interesting. Russian grammar.

It seems that the Union of Teachers asked to improve a lot of points and all resignation of the president and other directors against Nichidai, Nihon University. Amefuto problem. Power hara. Recently so many bullying problems there are in Japan. Especially, sports circle in school. We don't expect any goodness about sports or forces, generally, anymore. That's why, we must control any power like the government with the constitution. Textbooks say the same, too. Constitutionalism. NY times also reported.

20180531 (Thu)
I feel pretty good. I've seen what's going on with my body about what's good for my health. This experience was 20 times, so it'd be sure. It's so cool. It's sunny. Let's work on my super small fields. My traning on study will be skyrocketting.

20180530 (90th)
At 4 o'clock. It's still dim and rainy a little.  I get up earlier than the morning bell of a temple. I planted potatoes yesterday. Learning Russian is lesson 11, but when I hear the CD thirty times, I was going to sleep a lot. I was dizzy yesterday. I have to take it easy. Walking was 5 km. I usually want more. Bees and insects visit my garden and make me feel relaxed. I think more about my lifestyle in some points and keep up my physical condition. Some bears were reportedly seen in our city.

Sunny. I got up at 5. We replanted perilla and planted a tomato,  edamame (young soybeans), and eggplant. I bought 2 big planters and an average planter. Children on the street said hello to us. It's a little hot in the daytime.

Yesterday I put 2 planters, big and small, on two wooden shelves and a new very big planter at a space. I planted perilla on them. I got 500 JPY by my point card at a DIY store. Learning Russian is lesson 8. I read one article in English on NHK world.

20180527 sun
Воскресенье. Доброе утро. Как дела? Неплохо. Yesterday I re-planted three sets of young Chinese chives to a planter at my kitchen garden. Also, I put new 3 planters and made two wooden shelves for 2 planters. The total is 6. Then I learned Russian, lesson 5.

Chilly, but feeling good to see the sun. I got up at 4. I wrote my diary in Japanese for 500 days. I wrote, "I write a diary" in German, French, and Greek. Others are not so easy. Yesterday I ate a little leaf of potatos, which have poisons that I learned after doing. It tasted the same as a potato. I guessed, people during the war in those days ate it.

I got up at 5. I become a very early bird. My new years resolution was achieved. Where there is a walking will, there is a way. Last year, I walked the same km of across the US and lost 20kg in 3 months and quit drinking and walked all Aizu 33 kannon, and published 3 magazines and learned languages very much and lectured at Fukushima museum. By the way, Boshin war's writer, Hoshi Ryoichi saluted me and he said like, "I often see you on TV or Newspaper etc." I don't so many, but thank him. I'd like to do anything good. I've started house work well since last year. A great friend scholar evaluated my writing is original. Thankful. A photographer Nakasuji Jun will give me vegetable he grew. Thankful. Well, I take a break before the next. My garden makes me feel so relaxed and time flies like an arrow.

Cloudy. I got up at 6 a.m. I went to Okuma town with a photographer and poetess and a place nearby Fukushima First Nuclear power plant the day before yesterday. I was tired to drive for 3 days and slept well yesterday. Contrary to the mood of reconstruction for 7 years, our town is sleeping to make a very big intermediate facility was pressed for Japan without a legal reason. The Emperor and Empress will see our situation. I found a sentence at a TV drama, "English gentlemen are philanthropic assisting the weak and striking down the strong. English gentlemen detest all unfairness and for justice while showing great respect for the law."

I got up at 5 a.m. Birds are chirping. The forest is green on the mountain. The air is clear. I'm having some water and coffee and putting away trash. Two people are saying hello. Salad from our kitchen garden is delicious. The trouble about a post on Facebook might be still the same, but I made it by copy and paste on multilingual in one post.

I didn't write a diary on Facebook today for the trouble. I let them know it 3 times, but it's still the same condition.

I found and let them know it when inputting on a multilingual post on Facebook it is not working correctly in this morning. Yesterday thundering sound was terrible. I'm having some bread.

20180518 (80th)
I got up at 5 a.m. We attended a lecture for literature yesterday (about "Saitou Mokichi" Fukushima museum). Today is 80th diary in English. German diary is 2nd. Others are yet.

I got up at 5 a.m. Rainy morning. I cooked brown rice and made coffee.

I got up at 6:30 a.m. I'm wondering what on the earth was that it'd been rainly until recently. We enjoyed Aizu 33 kannon to walk with everyone, from several academic viewpoints, too. When going back to home by car, we went to Michinoeki Yorisse in Nishiaizu town, where there are Okinawa lions. Well, we made it. We did it.

Glad to see the sun in this morning. I got up at 5 a.m. Yesterday it was very delicious, Okinawa style stewed pork cubes with rice, so I made progress in my learning Russian and Persian, too (Usually, mainly Latin, Greek, German, English etc.). Iranian tea was delicious with pizza. Yesterday I finished reading Εὐθύφρων (Euthyphro). Socrates is great. The Japanese translation seems to be from in English or French version mainly. About learning Shouwa, I feel I learn some modern people's self-conceit, too. People don't live alone and only now.

Rainy morning. I got up at 5 a.m. I've just read a book of German grammar one time last year, but I began to translate a booklet for children. When I was a student, I didn't take the time to learn it, so I'm glad, if continue. I put away garbage and cleaned the bathroom and the floor. About learning Russian, still alphabet. About learning thoughts of WW2, now I'm at the level of responsibility of the Emperor, so it'd be very difficult to speak clearly. This would be a part of Shouwa era.

I got up at 5 a.m. Birds are singing. The weather continues to be like the long spring rain in the morning, but the daytime is usually sunny. I took a break from learning in the afternoon yesterday, so I got up early today. In the afternoon yesterday I feel dull to think about why some people feel jealous so much, so a thought of a high buddhist Tokuitsu seems to be right. On one hand, I understand Kuukai doesn't think so. Anyway, I never waste my life.

Comparatively with warm of the daytime, it's still chilly morning. Got up at 6 a.m. I've recently not used an alarm clock, so I get up 1 or 2 hours late than as is usual with me. After publishing two magazines some weeks ago, I'm glad to begin to learn several languages again from yesterday. Anyway, young people's will is great in Meiji era. Civic rights and freedom. I had some bread for breakfast. The bread was sold at Suzupan in Aizuwakamatsu shi. I checked and changed the contents of the mobile phone contract.

Got up at 5:30. Thanks to many people, an artist who went back from the US, has been acting. Our problem is not all in Fukushima, so it'd be very good. Well, it's very sunny. I'm stanting up from the bottom of the ground and eating mint for saving. It's light outside.

My horoscope tells, "Because I'm tired (certainly walking too long), I have a healing aura and if anyone consults troubles with me, I could make a circle with my fingers and see the person through it. Take in oneself right and move forward." Seeing this, thinking "Shut up!" like an old lady but I think some people dare to think about others enough. Jolly.

Well, no clearance no life.

I got up at 6 a.m. Cloudy. I was wondering what should we do to let some people not to have a prejudice against the same people. A Jew scholar wrote about it during his lifetime and I read carrying on his spirit. While learning the history of Tochigi, I finally wrote 1 page manuscript about Tochigi on my magazine yesterday. The largest earthquake is Houei jishin earthquake on the Japanese history. Now I ate udon. Time flies like an udon.

Rainy. At 6 o'clock. I'm learning languages and regional studies (General), but the next time, history of ideas and philosophy will come to my second study. After all, I might come back to philosophical one. This is a vast field. I hope I can cultivate there well. This is also around fukushima. Such a long road, it's like the diameter of the earth. I must be careful of time designation, time allocation. I'm gonnna have a slice of spam meet, it's like an Okinawan and Hawaian taste. So to speak, one of "American." I'd like to practice economy more.

20180508 (70th)
I got up at 7 a.m. Sunny. I've been making a file like a radio and so on, but it's difficult for me to design a picture. Well, well, I must think about it twice. To be sad, I think I'm gonna have a fish called shishamo with rice. Today is the day I wrote 70th diary in English.

I got up at 6 a.m. Chilly. It's foggy now. I guess, it mizzled in the night. This would be the spring rain. During daytime, I could smell the scents of early summer, hearing sparrows chirping, rarely automobiles running, and anyone blowing the trumpet at school, under the blue sky, in other words, we have a daily life in the midst of perfect silence that followed except for the ticktack sound of a clock. I removed a watch battery. I feel gentle breeze sounds pleasant to me.

There is an old song and story, which is called, "Harusame (春雨), another name is Oushukubai (鶯宿梅) " that was popular in the last Edo period, especially, 1848-1854. The Tennou wanted an ume tree, so he let one bring to himself, but found a letter was wrote that if there was Tennou's order, it can't help but doing so to be afraid, but Japanese nightingales used this tree as a hotel. He read it and was ashamed because he was a person of taste.


Almost all of the values (like conception of life idea) are lost, and now that is why I want to live productive. How about the society? How about public opinions? What's popular? That'd be a great one. Oh, it's important. But I don't have anything to do with it. It's not my business. I walked the same km walking through Japan and walked back for 1 year. No one told me to do so. I just walked my life. I made a decision by myself. Walk, walk, walking on foot. There're streets to walk. I walk "the road" to read books, too. It's like a walking circle with people. Human doesn't live forever. Everyone may pass away tomorrow. I don't want to regret it. That's why, I recorded files to communicate with people with my voice. "Learning a book." "Just a daily topic." 2 courses on Gumroad. For the time being, in Japanese. People might think about how many sold, but I'm not interested in it. 100 sold and 1 sold are almost the same in a sense.

I got up at 4:30 a.m, turning on the heater. It's been cold recently in the morning. NHK says, "A museum of Elne in France has a lot of fake paintings" and "An archaeologist found why concretion is made for an ammonite and it may work for a tunnel in the ocean or so." Meanwhile, a telenoid and socialwork are receiving a lot of attention. That made me feel uneasy and it reminded me a novel of Kazuo Ishiguro. A nursing home resident told to a robot like, "I hope to die without suffering peacefully." I was wondering how it goes the next era. May today also be a nice day for you.

Pay NHK on Internet conveys as the follows as my writing practice:

D. Trump president in the US undertakes public enterprises the largest ever recorded in the US. The act of loosening of a regulation. Protectionism. Coming into colision with media. The stock avarage went up. An opinion of Lawrence Summers who is a professor of Harverd Uni. Tax reductions for companies. Martin N Baily says like, "Trump's plan seems to be like, "New Deal. Keinesian economics.

Martin Feldstein says like, "It's like Reaganomics." So, Reaganomics and Keynesian are like contrary plans. How it goes? Moody's Analistics conclusions that it's firstly up, but down soon. About to secure stable financial resorses, the national debt, to prevent a decrease in credit. However, there is a promising observation, the central bank, interest. Trump has protectionism in G20, too. Pascal Lamy of WTO says like, "We learned protectionism was wrong from history (David Recardo, comparative advantage. Global supply chain. So, it's needed free trade.

If customs will be skyrocketing, it may be dangerous as relationship among countries)" Emmanuel Todd says like, "The US people said to free trade scholars, no, it's real because of the sluggish manufacturing industry. Economical gap." A Japanese economist thinks that Trump doesn't seem to have protectionism about all products, it'd be some. Japan is the first in the US direct investment as flow and the second as stock (the UK is the first). Trump and Obamacare.

Je me suis levé à 6 heures du matin. It's beautiful day, but cold. I'm pretty good. I learned a little about a bird. I'm reading a novel. And then, I've been tackling for a crossbar of historical wisdom. Try and try, I can make it.

I got up at 6 a.m. It's cold today. I read a novel of the US. The writer's name is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald to learn a part of the US history. I'm pretty good to take off yesterday and the day before it. My learning motor got high octain gasoline. I really feel recess is important since I didn't take a day off at all. My legs are also good.

It's rainy. I got up at 5 a.m. I don't amplify, but I'm gonna hold on anything that I decide, not confining myself to.the ivory tower. I just keep calm as much as I can. Some people might think me as to be disiplined or stubborn, but it's a misunderstanding because it's usual for me to do so. They recognize themselves as general people, not each oneself or each oneself too much, that's why, don't a focal point. They should find themselves true that the lighthouse doesn't shine on its base. I've got well.

I got up at 5.m. May. It was over the blink of an eye. I finished a novel. Well, to be born and to pass away both might be trouble, but I hope they're not all. There is a process in life. I'm listening to music of The Music now. No life No music.

The Ministry of health, labour and welfare announced that there would be a shortage of 380000 nursing care staffs in this country in 2025. If we continue to letting this situation to be, care fee is going to be skyrocketing and middle class would be bankruptcy at every door, not get a pension because of the system is corrupted, that is why, die by the roadside. It'll be probably harsh.

Recently I've been sleepy and finally got worn out to walk too long, so decided on taking many hours' recess today as I please by myself, in order to sleep very early and a lot, and now in a moment it proves to be correct on the bed. It's important in daily life for me to be full of high spirits, holding on for tomorrow when is a memorial day of the constitution which we finally got it by a big rout and so many victims since some people super sheep are the same now as formerly. It was the first time for us to get such a great constitution in the Japanese history. It's a rigid one people have protected for more than 70 years.

I got up at 5 a.m. Sunny. Having a coffee, I guess, everyone might have muscle pain now and I feel I have grown in strength, so it might be possible to extend a distance of walking a day by how to train, but I'd like to care of joints of my legs than others. This morning is the day to throw away plastic trash as renewable ones at my place. Today's my housework was washing dishes, sweeping and wiping the floor, wiping door nobs, and cleaning the restroom with some damp clothes, and using a new shower hose, (Until yesterday I used a watering can that its name was "Like drops and rain" in Japanese kanji, 如雨露 - jouro) for vegetables in our kitchen garden, and cleaning a drying shelve for dishes, and so son. I feel better. Very well. I'd say this feeling in Japanese, "Yosh(i)!" This "i" is pronounced small.

A dictionary, which is called, "Longman" says the definition of job is "The regular paid work that you do for an employer." About "work" is almost the same meaning but, housework is not paid and some people underestimate it. Surely they miss an opportunity in some sense.

Several kinds of birds are chirping. I got up at 5 a.m. I feel relieved to concentrate on learning yesterday, reading a novel, called, "Woman in the Dune" and learning about the history of the US. Vegetables are stunningly growing in my kitchen garden now.

"Aizu Thirty-three Kannon Tour"
The Aizu Folklore Research Association this year started. We actually walked 15 km in the wind today. Mountain, long street, slope. We talked with people in these areas. Everyone has been walking very well. Finally, we had an onsen as ashiyu (foot onsen). It was fun. Otsukaresamadesu.

The sun shines upon all alike. Very beautiful nature. 5 a.m. We sheathe ourselves in Futon. Today's my dream was that I talked with people about men are descendants among winners and loosers of wars in the history. And I do hope to know a lot since as Aristotle says human being created by everything seems to would like to learn. What a bright morning. Now is the winter of our discontent. Made temporal bright spring. Ozouni is delicious.

When I was a student, I have probably read a graduation article about Kaoru Hasuike, who graduated from Chuo Uni. Was it when I graduated? It didn't occur to me that its time was coming to the resemble point between him and me in a sense of "It made by a Nation." It's all, but I deeply think nobody can see the future. I just unintentionally predicted my evacuation. It's a boundary town. I think everyone will be ready for it tomorrow. In fact, the thickness of the border is very much. I feel it seems like a wall of Berlin.

I'm tasting the chill of the air, getting up at 6:30. I'm keen on learning itself and time flies ilke an arrow, so I consider I will have a smaller circle of friends on Facebook. I guess, mature people would not be anger. People have a limit as an action in life. Thankful for good memories. I pray for everyone's happiness.

I got up at 6 a.m. because I fell back to sleep. Yesterday I was tired to talk with a drunken friend. I did the same before, so it might be a retribution. A phone for several hours tires me. Surely, I've been nowadays on the wagon since January, 2017. I've got a phone from him many times, so the next I'll tell him, "Until for 1 hour". No, I have a great tool called, "e-mail. " I never loose my way anymore. He is a good man, so I believe him. I'm going to clean the floor and this atmosphere.

This paragraph is my impression about quarrels on Internet. When I was a student in Uni., I firstly learned proverbs, for example, "A good lawyer makes a bad neighbor." and "About a pettifogging lawyer." When no one hopes to hear your judges, you should not say anything about laws. I never deny people's natural and ordinary feeling. It has a deep meaning. There might be so many small bad actions in the world, but you should not curse the people too much. The others are the same as you as a human being, who have identity, family, pride, friends and lives. You could be familiar with what one is cursed too much, it's a case of the cornered mouse attacking the cat. I know how you feel, but everyone's is a little more dexterous than yours, so you could learn from friends and be a gentleman from now on. Don't drive anyone into a corner. If you think it as a discussion, one is not perfect, so you could compromise with your own justice. Moderation. Construction. Creation.

I'm surprised that it's so tasty. Natalia's thracian pie and bandai farm's financier. Outstanding. It's worth coming to Aizuwakamatsu in order to get a taste of them. My wife let me know. Thankful.

An international news made me happy. That's historical. 정말 기쁩니다 (chon mal kippun nida)(I'm very happy). 대단합니다 (teda nam nida)(Great). I'd like to enjoy 평양냉면 (pyon yan nen myan)(Pyongyang cold noodles), too. I feel like learning Korean language again. More you think their smiles will be people's one, more I'm deeply happy. My friend on Facebook said like, "When I saw them, I was deeply moved. " I'm also 눈물을 흘리고 감동했습니다 (numrur filigo kamdonhessumnida). 판문점 공동선언 (Panmunjeom gongdon seon)(Panmunjeom panmunjeom Joint statement). NHK says, "China has welcomed the inter-Korean summit, applauding the 2 countries' leaders for taking a "historic step" toward peace." 2018 inter-Korean summit.

20180426 (thu) (58th)
Chilly morning. I got up at 4:30 a.m. I have pickled small radishes, an asparagus, miso soup, and salmon with a small rice ball (onigiri). Learning Latin is lesson 14. By the way, I was surprised to see almost no letters as to be used in Pali and Sanscrit on textbooks nowadays, it's in Latin, Roman letters. Well, the start of the day.

Raining a lot. I got up at 6:30 a.m. I have a maccha youkan (抹茶羊羹) in this morning. Yesterday I made a file to be recorded my first lecture to read a recent book of 1000 pages, which writes about "Democracy and Nationalism," and gets some famous prize here, but nobody reads as much as I see. I hope it to be a reading circle on Internet because it's not so easy to come to a reading circle, at a cost of 300 USD.  It's an era there are so many things, so it's not so easy to streaming broadcast since it's difficult to match the time for the radio. It's not to make money, each file sells for about 4 USD as the same as one cup of coffee. So, anytime one wants. I just aim that everyone together play intellectual with a book.

It's still in the night to get up at 3:50. In the US it's in the afternoon and EU it's in the evening. It's quietly raining here. Today's news that virtual characters of anime is a trend on Internet, for example, virtual youtuber (Kizuna Ai and so on), virtual blogger (Sourui Syobou), etc. Meanwhile, I read a buddhism book, which says, there is a person called, "Buddha (Shaka)" that might be a virtual character. This might resemble them and I began to read Judges book of the bible. However, I read newsweek and it writes like, "Smart card makes a cashless era." and I'm afraid of it. I only use a suica card, not even a pasmo card. Tiresome. Yesterday I enjoyed weeding in my garden.

I got up at 4:50 a.m. The cloud is divine. A sparrow is chirping. It's not very cold. I will feel sleepy not to sleep enough, but feel better now. Well, let's learn about the wonderful world. This world might be not dramatically changing good for a while since it might seem to be that people are afraid of their faults themselves comparatively with the others in the dark. So, it'd be only gradually like the wind erosion. Nevertheless, we will see the rising sun.

I'm surprised to get up at 7 a.m. I think it's because I walked about 20 km yesterday and I slept late. I sold oil too much (abura wo uru = play around too much). My wife's cookies are delicious. When I was weeding yesterday, a woman of neighbor told me that it'd be better to do it sitting for my knee. Our plan is to grow up an artist in Fukushima, who was in the US for about 20 years, seems to be doing well, I heard so. Well, today's first music is Dvořák'. Beautiful and warm day. I had a doze a little. Spring.

It's the bright sunlight. I ate cooked rice with cod roe (mentaiko) and fried oysters. I didn't expect to have a sentence like today. I didn't have to write it but can't help but doing because it's just coming down on my brain. I usually don't think of Fukushima so much (so I have to read a lot of books before publishing my "Fukushima Essay 2"). This morning, I'll learn Latin on lesson 12 - . And yesterday finished reading a Japanese classical text, Houjouki, Kamono choumei (Kamo no Nagaakira). Firstly, I'm to clean.

It's still chilly at daylight, getting up at 5 a.m. Yesterday bruschetta was delicious and I replanted a red robin (Photinia glabra), then took a lecture of litterature by the head of Fukushima prefectual museum (he's also folklorist), and my friend's news made me happy and lonely. As is usual with us we'll keep in touch. We have one soul in the same boat. I applaud friends' courage.

A sparrow chirps. I got up at 4 a.m. April is nearing its end and May will have come. It's delicious, Mabo-tofu, ground pork, bean curd, spicy taste. I do a lot of works like a farmer of Japan, but Rome was not built in a day. I sometimes wonder to where and until when my soul can walk.

20180418 (50th)
Nimbus. Got up at 6 a.m. Yesterday, I pulled up weeds in my kitchen garden and cleaned up the warehouse and ate some grilled meat at home, greeting neighbor. Cherry blossoms have fully bloomed.

Sunny in this morning. I got up at 5 a.m. I'm pretty good because rested and took care of myself at home. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, some clothes used to wipe a table, and a dish drying shelf. Well, I'd like to get over a difficulty when learning a lot. Today I will acieve as a total walk 5000km this year 2017.3-2018.4. It's my daily work, so I don't feel it's memorial. If I say anything good about it, it's important to rest enough. I enjoy the scenery where one can walk more than 5000km.Im not used to say, "Iyasaka," but I used to say, "Yossha!" and I say, "Hooray" that it's influenced from Al Pacino.

Cloudy. I got up at 5:30 a.m, washed dishes, boiled water and put it into a kettle, and ate a piece of cooked salmon and cod roe and rice and salad, and then, having a cup of coffee now. I cleaned my computer. By the way, I'm thankful to hear some friends seeing our NHK and buying our magazines. I repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven at hand.  I threw away some combustible garbage. Mint smelled at one of my kitchen gardens is located in the North side around my house.

I got up at 6:30. I'm reading a novel. Yesterday I learned Bonji (Sanscrit letters). I added learning Sanscrit on my daily list to do. I don't have enough time. अ इ घ ,,,a, i , u,,,ā... this keybord is the same as how to put in Hindi. Learning Latin is now on Lesson 9, same, but I like Latin because of the rationality of Grammar comparratively with other languages.

I got up at 7 a.m. I'm late. It's a beautiful day. Yesterday I cleaned the floor at my house. Tomorrow I'll take Shiraiwa's lecture about Tokuitsu, who is a great Buddhist priest in Aizu among Japanese ancient era (about 8 C). So, I read a half of his book. Almost ancient history, but I'm interested in Pali language. I'd like to read sutta pitaka which is written Buddha's words, who spoke in Magadhan language, but it seems it resembles Pali(Anyway, they are seems to be democrat's languages and not his daily, so he used taiki seppo that is the best suitable expression for audience). And Pali is written in Devanagari, Hindi. Well, asma gacchāma (we are we go). I'm convinced of what learning languages is indispensable to keeping up. I heard it like a Japanese anime, Gatchaman. I cooked boild barley and rice, and miso soup in this morning.

I got up at 5:30 a.m. Chocolate truffles is delicious. I cultivated my kitchen garden yesterday, a crown daisy (Glebionis colonaria, the place is origin is the Meditterranian Basin). I drew a sketch map of my home in Aizu from the viewpoint of folklore, and I found its cultivated area has been expanding 14 times. Reading Tochigi finished the ancient period and went to the medieval period. Learning Classical Latin is lesson 9. Hearing Rachmaninoff.

I got up at 6 a.m. It's sunny in this morning. Yesterday it rained at night and I was busy to do works as is usual with me. Reading Sheena Iyengar's lecture book at Columbia Uni. or so. There is no space to plant here, but using some planters, I planted seeds of a Japanese onion, "Negi," and a Japanese basil, "Shiso."

I got up at 6 a.m. I replaced my electrical treadmill with a new one, so I walked 20km. It's very cold outside today, too. There seems to be many hard hitting expose on Twitter. In my kitchen garden rockets, onions, and so on began to growing.

Yesterday I got up at 6:30 a.m. I have a pain in the third finger and the little finger of my right hand got burned in steam for dropping the lid of a kettle, pouring hot water. But I achieved daily works, reading, learning languages, walking, going to the public office, and pulling up weeds in the kitchen garden.

I got up at 6 am. While watching the video of Tsuda bugyo like a Magistrate on Internet, yesterday saw the study of Furutani Yukiko and Emi Koyama, close to the bugyo. Then, some issues like DV, feminism and weekly Friday magazine were offered a part of texts by Furutani, and Emi Koyama is a doctoral program such as globalization and youth's labor market. Both of them write English very well,. I learned a Latin yesterday. It is delicious to drink from Morihan in Tokyo. It is also in Kyoto. Mainly, Japanese tea, maccha, but coffee, too.

I got up at 7:30 am. I read two photobooks, "Kobu tea" and "Far away from the place where I was born" painted by Kunihiro Suzuki, who is an independent illastlator. These are amazing. Then, I saw some videos on Youtube, a philosohor Azuma Hiroki (Jacques Derrida) and Media journalist Daisuke Tsuda and so on talked. But they conclued like, "Next generation of Internet's discussion is getting finished because nobody has money and can make a profit. " In my opinion, there is no era such as somebody can do them, so it's no needed to think about it. Anyway, I can tell, why they are interesting is that Azuma professor has a performance to express his irritation talking..Well, I'll clean my house graet and go order my bycecle to be fixed. I found a good gas station nearby my house and filled my car up with gas. I feel good.

I slept late at night, but got up at 5:30, so sleepy. Kunihiro Suzuki who is a photobook writer and my friend on FB and interested in and read my magazines. I also want to read his great works. Photobook culture in Fukushima, my teacher, Norio Akasaka folklorist prof, have beein making here little by little with us, so I'd like to treasure the culture. I believe, kIndness changes the world. Incidentally, democracy is not mature in Japan. It takes so many years. Suzuki is a friend of a photographer, Nakasuji Jun, who is a professional editor, too. He is also very kind with a wealth of experience. Also, a great proffesor in the US reads my magazines, I'm very thankful indebted that everyone reads my poor magazines.. I'd like to think what is culture which each people make day by day and work on my writing, like from a ume plum to a camphor tree for like great bamboos.

There seems to be a discussion between Elon Musk of Tesla and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. I think, it'd be not only about AI, but two attitudes about science itself and both are good, skeptism or one like fundamental good belief of human being, that are the same meaning as democracy. I hope two of them to come and see Fukushima's actuality in real Fukushima from the viewpoint of uncertainty in the essence of science and technology which HUMAN uses, surely, it'd be good enough to learn about history.

Got up at 5 am. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom very much, my family was glad to see it. We have not needed a stove now. I'd like to cook today if I have time. Walking, one in Okuma greeted me like, "I watched TV showed you on NHK twice. I will buy your magazines. I have been a hermit. You are active. Good story was."

Today is taian, lucky day. I got up at 6 am. Yesterday I learned Tochigi, Arabian, and Science communication (tokyo uni. For example, "COPUS" in the UK, chapter 1 history in EU). And I spent a day to arrange my bookshelves. And then, I enjoyed chelly blossoms in Okum (off limists) and ate a donburi of maguro (rare tsuna) duke (soy source). Today is the day when Kinotsurayuki went back to Kyoto once upon a time.

I got up at 5 am. I'm late to post today. Today I learned about the history of Tochigi ken and structures of English sentences, and Arabian, and was busy to arrange my books at my storage. It seemed to me that I was interested in Cicero,Rigveda, etc. before 2011.

I got up at 6:30. I'm late. Yesterday, I watched a TV drama, that main people got arrested by MP of the US, but a cross necklace from the wife of one of them saved them, it means, (not what is their religion), just kindness at heart moved a person of the US. I'd like to think so. Fighting is not only fighting itself, but kindness also is to live, that is my phrase, "Yawarakana Kusanone," kind connection, which I cheer for anyone good by the power. Well. And I watched a video of Fukushima timelapse(not NHK world version, it's BS1 special version) by NHK, where I appear on. Extremely thanks to NHK's great people, who I become a friend of them nowadays. After chease risotto, I'm hearing Mendelssohn by Akiko Suwanai.

I got up at 5:30. Sleepy a little. I watched 4 videos on NHK yesterday. Today, I'll see another one, "Dokonimo nai Kuni(it's a story of Manshu 満州)". Then I refered to syllabuses of a postgraduate course of Seisa Uni, at where KIto prof. is a vice president, because I'd like to learn myself his points of issues about media studies and theory. And after all, Latin surely resembles Italian and French though it's historically natural. My wife works on accounts about our publication very much. Thankful.

I slept late, and I was late to get up at 7 am. I cleaned my house a lot yesterday. It is necessary to spur on my indoor activities for getting a warm climate. Well, I have a lot of work to do. I wish I were as lucky as Indra(इन्द्र).

I got up at 5 am. The day before yesterday I slept well, so I didn't have a good sleep this morning, but I think I can work this day from my experience. Yesterday, I watched a TV channel of TBS, Shushtal in Iran, which is a very big irrigation and hydraulic structure system, there has been 2000 years ago, and it was built by Roman people. Renewable energy, people are pioneers about in Iran, Rome, Persia.

I got up at 6:30. I'm late. Last night, Yo Oizumi, who is from Hokkaido and an actor, was broadcasted by TV. He is very popular but he was belong to an actors 5 people's group, so the others were jelous and he was suffered. I really see how he feels. TV, Newspaper, radio,,, it's not so easy for some people to see as is usual with them, when they see their friends on it. Anyway, I can change myself only. There is nothing a life that one easily gets everything.

I got up at 3:40 am. Yesterday we went eating Yakiniku very much, where friends, who like movies, visited under an our guidance last time. I don't have a long sleep this morning, but I'm good. I continuet to work on writing by my freewill as one of dynamic actions. Walked 460 km over as total this year.

четверг. чаи. в март идёт дождь. I got up at 4 am. I continue to improve my writing to publish soon for a week. After I publish these magazines, I'm going to work on writing about local culture, Tochigi, Niigata, Aizu.. lots of creature, plants, flowers etc. I quit drinking last year, so I cured myself, so high spirit. But take it easy. Politely, healthily, steadily, slowly, learning and writing, and hearing, watching, etc. Well, firstly, I'm sweeping on the floor in my house.

I got up at 5:30 am. Yesterday I talked with a frind in our University about our TV on BS1- NHK, who doesn't use Internet and comes to Fukushima to clime a mountain around here. It'll be a while to see him again, 7 years. I think, if one creates anything good, it's like the rolling stone. All is thanks to everyone's existence.

Got up at 6 am.Yesterday I talked with Hirukawa san who works on his local community in lots of meanings. I had a good sleep. Yesterday I cleaned our house, put away trash and plastic trash (and in this morning bottles made of glass). I cleaned around gas ranges very much. Bills of fuel, gas, and light, and water are not so reasonable in winter. I continue to learn Latin for 3 weeks.The spring has come, but it's still chilly.

I got up at 5. Sleepy. Yesterday I went to our library, Hon no Mori, etc. Everyone saw NHK, I was very glad. During a meeting, I planted rocket around a tree and I brought back a pick to cultivate my kitchen garden. I made a friends with new people there. I'll introduce here soon.

Got up at 3. I made a new kitchen garden and planted seeds of rocket and perilla beaf steak plant. It seemed to me a plastic planter was not able to grow well. I think, the nature likes to be on the earth, "earthing." I'm gonna plant baby leaf and perilla today, too.

Σηκώθηκα στις 4. I was writing a magazine hard at home yesterday, walking 17.5 km. The distance was at total this year over 4500 km. 5000 km is a diameter of mercury, mercurius, which is the same as a half-way from Fukushima to France.

A story of 100 JPY. A child who is perhaps 6 years old said like, "Is anyone there? Is anyone there?" I heard it, so replied, "What happened?" and he said to me, "I.. I found this." and showed a coin of 100 Japanese yen. "Ah, all right. You can count on me. I'm gonna take it to a police. And I'll give you 2 coins as 200JPY as a tip among your friends." He was with 2 friends. "Thank you." "Bye." I went to a police by car, but no one is there, so I took it to a post office since I know some staffs there and I asked one of them to take it to the police. I think children in Aizu are honest. It's all settled.

I got up at 5. All in all, my daily life is frugal. I already wrote a lot on Internet. Life is so wonderful, but so much sad. I want to hear it quiet. Let's hear the voices of who went to the heaven for 7 years. Because whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. "Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen."

I got up at 6:40. Rainy. In Latin, "Pluit." I slept well. By the way, one woman talked to me like, "TV showed you recently." When so, I want to be humble. I heard usual NHK, not BS, broadcasted our channel (BS1 special) and me a little. Yesterday, I chatted with the artist and a German reseacher in German. I do recommend moderates like us. We went shopping yesterday. We ate hamburgers. Now a bean jam filled with wafers and German milch scholade are delicious. 10km walked and from now more.Really, Rome was not built in a day.

Got up at 5:20.  A thaw has set in, so I sowed seeds of crown daisy and a rocket in my kitchen garden though it's still very cold with the first gale of spring.. Yesterday I talked with a friend, who is a friend in my university, and mailed to friends in Okuma era, "Please see NHK," and chatted with a writer from Tokyo, and introduced the artist to friends, who are related in Fukushima. Therefore, I only saw Twitter of Moro prof. of Buddhism and learned Latin yesterday, but my wife's soup curry and rice was delicious. Youkan was also great. I usually no take a nap, but I did very confortable yesterday. Well, it's time to clean, hearing Rock music.

I got up at 4:40. I began to concentrate Latin language. Yesterday, I chatted with the artist and introduced. I said, "raise an artist," but of course, he has real abilities to know the US or so, therefore, he could become a tutor as business, if one negotiates with him. Surely, I don't do nothing than this guide because spontanious will is most important. Anyway, one of my duty would be to bring a juel to Fukushima. Well, I also must work on writing soon. It has a long time to be said by Erik Satie like, "Too much, you do what you like." One of the best archivement of my works this month is... sit ups.

Got up at 6. I arranged in Fukushima yesterday, that an artist, who has been New York too for a long time, n the afternoon, guiding around here, talking at a cafe, and introducing him. Every single one of people in Fukushima is an existence historical. So, now, alea iacta est. It occured to me it's close to 11th of March, a stove sounding and reminding me a lot of many times. That has made all the difference. Weltgeist. 

Slept at 23 and Got up at 4:30 AM. I hope many people in Fukushima to raise an artist from New Orleans from now on, time to time. Our actions like this there has been so many for 7 years. I think I call its project "Creative Mountain, Field, River, Sea, of Fukushima paradise garden." Surely, garden means that garden, too and field means Japanese pair or apple or vegitables. Other natures is also Folklore's Metaphor. Well, one day begins clearing. It might be a little busy, so I'm hearing Pini di Roma, Ottorino Respighi.

နေကောင်းပါတယ် ။ I got up at 5 Yesterday. I saw four NHK videos but for learning languages and reading. Today, the Fukushima prefectural museum of art holds a lecture meeting about their project, "Hama-Naka-Aizu to connect Project," but it'll be an almost celemony because everyone did one's best for 7 years. And I received an action to talk with a Japanese artist, who has been in the US for a long time. I think, the project itself is not finished, and this may be the beginning. When I woke up in this morning, there was an okonomiyaki and soup cooked by my wife, Hiroko. This Myanmar language means, "I'm good." By the way, BS1 special "Fukushima Timelapse", 11th of March, in 2018, I am going to be broadcasted by NHK. Thank you, everyone. I'm deeply glad to them.

Got up at 4 AM. I watched four NHK special videos and read several tens of articles on the website yesterday. I've been working on classical Latin since the night before last. I recently learn Hindi, Arab, and old Japanese, and English. I'll do my best though I know there are so many genius people in the world. The snack's name, which I'm eating now to get in A Cope supermarket, is "Lahaina" reminds me many good times in Maui. It's here - 3 ℃. It may be one of the reasons why it was the event in 2011 as vividly and continuously as if something happened yesterday. So to speak, Hamadori area and Aizu area in Fukushima have different cultures and different temperature or so.Brown rice are ready. It's delicious to eat soup curry cooked by my wife.

မဂၤလာပါ။ Got up at 3 AM. Nowadays I'm fine not to sleep enough. I dreamt that I was proud of my legs to old friends at my original room in hometown. Opening windows in this morning, it was snowing though first spring gale in the last morning. I watched three NHK special videos yesterday but for books and languages. It seems to me that I live as a dual existence for 7 years in theory. It's been a while that I may well feel like to read pshycology. Traumdeutung (Dream interpretation).Saying the reason why I said hello in Myanmar, our volunteer private library seemed to present photo books to a same type library in Myanmar recently.

Yayoi (It's an old name of "March" in Japan). I went to bed 18:30 and got up 3:30. It seemed that I was very tired and slept well after supper. It sounds torrential rain is falling in the snow. I saw a movie again. I have some videos which I want to watch on NHK ondemand today. I'm listening to Debussy just now. 千射万箭。
(sensha bansen - should do all your actions politely)。

6 AM, got up. We finally finished filming of NHK BS special yesterday, for 11th of March this year. It was the same day as the morning NHK drama "Waroenka". I'll see it all soon this opportunity. We watched a movie last night, so went to bed at 11 PM, but the old calendar is on 13th of January. I recognize why it's very cold now. I have a nostalgic snack. Well, I continue to learn languages and books. To a new ocean with a roar of victory.

Went to sleep at 23:00 and got up at 5:00. High spirit. Yesternight the earthquake happened a little. I was worried about the spaghetti power plant. This morning's dream was a large arcade town, so it would be like Ueno. The floor was covered with cardboard, and it was crammed to dry rainwater on the bottom of the shoes. In the showwindow, it was goods that was difficult to obtain immediately after the war, and the market was held. A novelist, whose name was Yahagi Toshihiko, needed some premium bags, and hung out with an actress for the first time in the war, and with me and my wife. But I thought it was like the present day of namie town. And a friend was sleeping in the car. What era are we in? Dragon head? or...

Got up at 4 o'clock. I wasn't feeling well for the past two days but I recovered. I quit to smell a stick insene very much. I dreamt I was running on a bicycle at Okuma in the summer. The place is located on the road from five different roads following kindergarten. I have often been posting in 2 languages, but I would be happy to be more than in 12 languages soon. There are so many great people in the world. "Ashi biki no yamadori no wo no shidari ono naganagashi yo wo hitori kamo nem" (The autumn night is as long as the tail and wings of the peacock. Like the pheasant pairs who sleep apart, I spend this night in lonely solitude.) Kimi no na ha (your name).

Good morning. I took a nap and I got up at 6:30 AM. Whew, normal. I recently read a Japanese classical words dictionary. About 1400 pages. When will it be over? Soon. Aisatsu (greeting) is origined from buddhism and it seemed that it meant like, "A teacher asked a student about buddhism understanding." Well, I wonder when the spring set in.I cooked fried eggs (but boiled form) and Miso soup today.

Good morning. It's 6:30AM right now. I slept at 7:30PM and got up at 5:30AM. 10 hours. I feel better. I dreamt that I found and took a precious stag beetle. An oneiromancy says it's a symbol of great fortune. It's - 3 ℃. I'm thankfully eating a chocolate made from Herentals of Bergium (Königreich Belgien). It takes a long time to see food on the table since people are engaged in great works.

Καλημέρα. Κοιμήθηκα στις 18:30. Σηκώθηκα στις 4:00. I've been becoming aware of the good times to get up and sleep very early.I jotted down my dreams everyday.We ate tacos and taco rice yesterday.I'm gonna eat a Japanese sweet "Kuri Anko (maron and red bean paste)" in this morning.

Slept at 9PM. Got up at 3:30AM. Yesterday my wife made vegetable soup and salad, and I made sushi with brown rice. I saw an octopus in the seto inland sea around the world "Cycle around Japan" on NHK world, so I thought it would be best for the world and us as "Go tako(Octopus)" in Japanese, its meaning like, "Great happiness" and "Go" is a prefix to express polite. A great reputation. Well, this morning I cooked rice and cleaned on the floor. By the way, I live at ease. There is no strict feeling of stoick. Just high spirit everyday.

I got up 5 AM. Good. I should refrain from having a coffee. Yesterday it was a very sleepy day, but it was hard to sleep. At The Prefectural Museum, we discussed with a professional friend of the art and Buddhism. Thankful. There was a sight of a child in the house on Saturday, who helped her parents. And I omit what I dreamt in this morning because it's a long story. I talk with potential myself from a viewpoint about a science, pshycology as a friend is interested in it.

Good morning. I slept at 8 PM, woke up at 1 AM, and I tried to sleep again, but got up at 2 AM. I only walked 10 km yesterday, so seemed to be immediately recovered. It's warmer to get up than sleeping because of turning on a heater. I dreamt I played with my friends in Okuma in this morning. I used to do so before that day in 2011.

20180216 (1st)
Good morning. I got up at 5 AM. It was too chilly to wake up, but I did it. If sleeping again, may well do so. Much snow here and there. In any rate, now it's time to work at the maximum. Februus. Dim light on the snow. Fragrance of spring.





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